Recent Work

You may not need to learn everything, but you may like to know the sketch of the whole.



Among all things none are my Lord, The only true Lord is the universal conscience that safeguards the peace, harmony and prosperity of all people.


Matter is indestructible. Natural material. at it's base, is the best, because its transformation is not disturbed. The human soul, at its base, is indestructible. A natural soul is the best, because it contains the potential for tremendously high evolution.


The recent floods in JAPAN.


The basic motive, to find happiness.


Living around more then 50 people over 100 years old helped me really see and feel what Supernatural is all about.

From one source.

"All people have a common source of life in mother nature."

The Law of Causality, after the recent floods in Japan, has shown that changing ones behavior and thoughts in order to create positive effects in ones life to a degree one would never have thought possible. 

Yepp!!! for sure it was through living in the world that my mind developed a dualistic function that eventually pushed my original physical and spiritual powers somewhere. The mental perception of a perceiver that was separated from the perceived, thus mentally destroyed some of the connection with universal oneness.


meant a being who possesses and enjoys spiritual independence and completeness.

Oh!! Well!!