For Years cafes and the people who frequent them have been a fascinating part of my life as an artist. Not once have I ever met a person in a cafe to talk, but I like observing those who do, it's interesting to me as the quiet observer. The interactions between humans, sometimes non-humans. 


 It was my intent to pick one table in the same cafe for a seven month period, three hours a day or night, and whoever sat at that table I would copy one person's posture, sense of breathing rate as best as I could, my intent was to copy every outer mannerism of a person, then take it a step deeper by allowing myself to step into the feelings of what I felt when copying all I could pick up from that person's external contortions. 


 By doing so, it was my intent to draw what was not seen but felt by the person in a given moment.  In total, I did  500 drawings, on roughly 8x10 scraps of drawing paper, here are a few of the drawings.